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Trio of hardcore gay sado maso


Sensitive souls, do not. Here’s a nice video where two hunks extreme gay subject, completely masochistic, suffer the indignities of a big hard tattooed sadist in latex catsuit. A series of games more perverse than each other … Know that this emcee inflicts on its followers all kinds of torture, like a bowling pin initially suspended from balls burnt candle wax finds himself stuck in an asshole. Their pine or tattooed, or adorned with a piercing, undergoes more introductions of nails in the meatus of the glans gorged with blood. Suffice to say that the only time a little softer are the scenes of fellatio, the guys locked in a tiny cage, and sodomy, anal deep, bestial. After this furious storm comes the calm. Finally released from prison and their submission collar, guys submitted, completely exhausted, lick and kiss the body of the ruler who has just dropped his spunk on her chest curved …

Date: February 20, 2020

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